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Welcome to the homepage
of Marc Hermenau

What this homepage is good for? Wh... what do you mean by "What for"...? It is a homepage! We've got to write homepages ...

In the first place it documents the obvious fact that I exist. Our tail-wagging friends may consider a suitably marked tree to be sufficient, but today's modern homo sapiens has slightly higher claims in this respect: a personal homepage is the hip minimum.
   Besides offering the visible proof to be on the current level of existence-marking-standards, this homepage is an opportunity to dig into HTML and the like. In addition, of course, it serves my natural communication needs.

So much about my personal benefit. But what about the visitors ... you? Well, I hope as time passes I'll be able to offer more and more subjects that might be of some interest or at least amusement to someone out there. Suggestions, comments, praise and criticism are highly welcome - that's what the mail button is for. (At this point I take a strong effort to suppress the wish to hide possible shortcomings of my page behind the lable "under construction".)

And now enjoy my homepage! (Hopefully!)