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This website should display well on every HTML 4.0-conform web browser. It was tested on Opera 7.x, Mozilla 1.4 & 1.5, Netscape 4.7x and Internet Explorer 6
It was written "by hand", i.e. with a plain text editor (see powered by vi).
It comprises 11 HTML/CSS files and 20 graphics resulting in a total of 148.166 byte.
Several further subjects (about my home town Freiburg, several articles of mine, reviews of books and computer games, Corewar, programming, ...)
02/28/2000: - Optimized graphics for the web
- Changed font type throughout hole site
02/29/2000: - Minor changes to the link collection
- Added Info-about-site page.
- Started site history
03/09/2000: - Added "Tops, Flops, Tips"
- Defined design of headlines
03/10/2000: - Added "Best viewed with any browser"
- Minor changes to "Tops, Flops, Tips"
03/11/2000: - Moved Site to new URL
- Minor changes to the link collection
03/18/2000: - Added expiries
- Standardized HEAD- and TITLE-sections of all pages
- Minor changes to "Best viewed with any browser"
- Added navigation links to bottom of every page
- Web site now also works without frames
03/23/2000: - Text of Welcome page written
03/28/2000: - Added counter
04/05/2000: - Minor error corrections
04/07/2000: - Added link to host of this web site
05/19/2000: - Update of link collection
06/28/2000: - Update of link collection
07/07/2000: - Extended link collection
07/18/2000: - Minor error corrections
07/28/2000: - Added "powered by vi"
08/16/2000: - Update of link collection
06/26/2001: - Several corrections
02/17/2002: - Adjusted mail adress
12/25/2003: - Relaunch with complete redesign of the entire website, now bi-lingual (german-english), CSS based, frame-free, initially with reduced content.