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... no, "vi" is not the server hosting this homepage. In fact it's a tool for creating web pages - IMHO one of the most suitable, but this is up to everyone's own judgement.

vi is a plain text editor, i.e. it generates pure ASCII text (just like Window's editor Notepad). Among the plain text editors vi has kind of an exceptional position in two respects: first it is available on almost every operating system platform from Unix, Linux to DOS and Windows and many more exotic ones and second it is mostly considered to be especially "hard core" as it is controlled by an enormous number of cryptic key codes instead of menues (Ok, now there are also some versions supporting elements of graphical user interfaces...).
   Don't worry - this is not about convincing anyone from using extreme or exotic software or to show off with its usage. Any other ASCII editor will do as well (occasionally I'm using others myself, NoteTab Light* for example). What I'm really aiming at is that the web pages you're just reading were not created by some killer HTML-generator application like Frontpage, Pagemill or what ever in which case not even the pages' author would know what the pages actually contain in the end. Unnoticed by the unaware/unexperienced user those website generators are usually including techniques in the pages that are absolutely unnecessary for that web project, thus limiting the number of viewers that can access the web site with their browser and moreover imposing unnegligible privacy and security risks on them (keywords: JavaScript, ActiveX, ... do I have to say more?).
   I don't want to repeat the complete standard sermon about security and privacy risks in the web (see Best viewed with any browser), but advertise to use only tools of which you understand how they work and that are appropriate for the task you're undertaking. A german saying calls this "shooting at sparrows with canons", which most evidently raises the risk of "collateral damage".
A glance at the basics and the lessons learned from it usually don't mean any harm to anyone ;-) .

*I'm not liable for the content of external web pages!